Transmission & Drivetrain

For transmission and drivetrain repairs, Kadotani Auto Repair has you covered. Does your car feel like it’s slipping or jerking every time it shifts into a new gear? Our AAA-approved technicians know the ins and outs of all makes and models and can make the necessary repairs to get your car operating like it should.

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Transmission & Drivetrain Repairs in Watsonville

The main function of your car’s transmission is to transfer power from the engine to the driveshaft and wheels. Some of the signs of a failing transmission include slipping or missing gears, leaking transmission fluid and revving higher than usual.

The primary focus of the drivetrain is to send power to the wheels so that your car can move. If you notice vibrations under the car, difficulty turning or a knocking noise, it could be signs of a bad drivetrain.

Other signs and symptoms include:

  • Shaking from under the car
  • Squeaks and clicking
  • Loud clunking noises


If you hear odd sounds coming from the engine or under the car, it’s time to visit Kadotani Auto Repair. Our AAA-approved and certified auto repair technicians will diagnose and repair the problem in a timely manner.

Watsonville Transmission Repair Services

The transmission and drivetrain are primary components of any vehicle. If they’re functioning improperly, your car isn’t going anywhere. Problems will naturally occur over time, especially as you put more miles on your car. If you ignore the signs, the problem will only get worse and cost you more money in repairs.

Don’t let a bad transmission or drivetrain keep you stuck at home or on the side of the road. Bring your car to Kadotani Auto Repair for a thorough diagnostic test. Whether it’s a simple or major repair, our technicians will provide you with outstanding customer service as we work quickly to get your car back in running order.

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