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Kadotani Auto Repair now offers BG Automotive Products & Maintenance Services.

Our Mechanics are ASE certified Master Technician's.
ASE certified technicians provide excellence in vehicle repair, service and parts distribution.
Is your hybrid vehicle hitting 100,000+ miles?
We can test and replace hybrid batteries!
We service European vehicles!
Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Mini Cooper, Volkswagen, and Volvo.
Bring your 2000 or newer vehicle in to our certified smog service specialist
for smog inspections and repairs.

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We are the only AAA Certified Repair Shop in Watsonville

We are proud to be the only repair shop in Watsonville that the American Automobile Association has certified. AAA has recognized our company for the high quality of services that we provide and the friendliness of our staff. We make sure that every job gets done right with no exceptions when a customer walks through our door. Our team will go the extra mile to ensure that your problem has been properly diagnosed and to ensure that the right solutions are provided. With the help of our team, therefore, you can reliably get repair solutions that will keep your vehicle on the road throughout its useful life.

AAA has also recognized our repair shop because we can fix almost any problem that can go wrong with your vehicle. We have extensive experience working on leading brands of cars, SUVs, vans, trucks, and more. If you are having a problem that we have not dealt with in the past, we will usually be happy to take the time to learn how to complete the repair that you need. In this way, our company is able to keep up with the latest technologies and repair techniques.

In the aftermath of an accident or other damage to your vehicle, we will work to promptly fix your problem so that you can minimize disruptions to your life. Since our shop has been certified by AAA, we can also easily work with you if you have to get your vehicle towed to our shop by the AAA network.

Quality Auto Repair Services in Watsonville, CA

It can be easy to take the convenience of having a proper working vehicle for granted. When the unexpected happens, you need the services of a quality auto repair service. At Kadotani Auto Repair, we know how much you rely upon your car, which is why we deliver fast, efficient service for any type of auto repair. Located in Watsonvile, CA, we offer highly competitive prices and the highest quality workmanship for results you can depend upon.

Expert Diagnostics for Engine and Brake Repair

When the dreaded check engine light turns on, you might immediately groan and think about how much money it is going to cost you to repair. At Kadatoni Auto Repair, we offer precision diagnostics for engine repair in order to pinpoint the source of the problem for a more cost effective repair. From wiring damage, strange noises, drivability and more, let our team provide you with the peace of mind you need with a quality repair that stands the test of time.

Bring Your Vehicle In for a Smog Check

Smog checks are a regular part of the Californian way of life. At Kadatoni Auto Repair, we specialize in smog inspection services for the buying and selling of cars or as part of your regular maintenance. If your vehicle has recently failed a smog check, let our team put in the work to ensure that it will pass in an affordable and time saving way.

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