Dodge Auto Repair in Watsonville, CA

Horace and John Dodge – known as the Dodge Brothers – founded Dodge in 1900. That’s a good 119 years ago. When you’ve got a record for building top-notch autos for that long, you sometimes forget how miraculous it is to go back and see that early automotive history. We’ve come such a long way in the last 119 years, but we haven’t come as far as we’re going to go. The brand’s most popular modern models include the Challenger, Charger, Durango, and Journey. Whether you want a family minivan or a souped up muscle car like the Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye, you’re going to find a host of vehicles to choose from.

Once you’ve opted for which Dodge suits you best, you’ll need a repair shop like Kadotani auto repair to keep your vehicle running in top shape. Our AES certified auto mechanics are always on the job, always ready to please another customer and welcome them into our happy family. When you visit us, we welcome you with a pleasant waiting room, refreshments like fresh coffee, and even free wifi. Our shuttle services and rental services also help our loyal customers with temporary vehicles during more elaborate repairs.

Oil Changes, Tire Rotations, Computer Diagnostics & More

We’re comfortable performing routine maintenance like oil changes, tire rotations, and computer diagnostics, but we can also work on the tough stuff: engines, transmissions, and brake work. Electrical systems and heating and cooling components are a piece of cake for our techs as well. They have both certification and a long line of experience that makes them at the top of their class for auto repair. Watsonville customers have come to us over the years for every automotive task imaginable, and our techs have got the job done.

Just like the Dodge brand that they work on, our technicians are at the top of their game. Dodge’s history of creating muscle cars and innovative engines and transmission systems make them particularly difficult for regular run of the mill automotive repairmen to work on. That’s why we staff our repair shop with only AES certified techs who have the experience and education necessary to work on systems that Dodge makes. You don’t just want a repairman working on your Dodge. You want an expert on that particular brand and model, and we consider our team to be the experts. We back up our claims with hard work, accurate estimates, and good old-fashioned courtesy.

We also serve Dodge marquee brands such as Chrysler, Plymouth and Fiat.

Call Today for an Appointment

You can call us for regular maintenance like oil changes or other routine matters, or you can call us for the biggest automotive jobs the world has ever known. Our techs are up to either task. Keeping your Dodge in good shape is our top priority, and every single one of our team continues to hone their expertise and offer more to customers each and every year. If you’re ready to take care of that beloved Dodge of yours, just give us a call at your earliest convenience.

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