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3 Ways Preventative Maintenance Can Increase Your Vehicles Life

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Preventative Car Maintenance Can Be Extremely Beneficial

Every car owner understands that their vehicle needs to undergo preventative maintenance at regular intervals throughout the life of the car. Such maintenance can keep the car operating efficiently and is important for the safety of the vehicle, the driver, and the driving public. However, people sometimes do not bring their vehicle in for preventative maintenance because they are too busy or because such measures cost money. However, there are numerous advantages to preventative maintenance, and all car owners should bring their cars in for maintenance at regular intervals.

Long-Term Costs Savings

Preventative maintenance can save a car owner a substantial amount of money in the long run. Of course, car owners need to spend a modest amount of money in order to complete an oil change, tire rotation, or other maintenance measures that may be needed for a vehicle. However, the modest amount of money spent on maintenance is nothing compared to the serious damage that a vehicle can sustain without maintenance.

For instance, if tires are not properly rotated, this could lead a tire to blow out while it is being used. This might require that the car owner pay for the cost to replace the tire and the labor needed to tow the car to a mechanic and to complete the replacement. In addition, without an oil change, a car may have issues with its engine. Engine repairs are typically far more expensive than merely having the oil changed on a vehicle. In most instances, preventative maintenance only needs to be performed a few times a year, and the modest cost and inconvenience of preventative maintenance can save a car owner substantial sums of money in the long run.


Preventative maintenance is also extremely important for promoting the safety of the driver, passengers in the affected car, and the driving public. If preventative measures are not taken, it is far more likely that a car will break down at some point or another while on the road. This means that the driver will likely need to exit a car, which may occur on a busy and unsafe road. In addition, if the car breaks down while the vehicle is in motion, it may be difficult for the driver to safely slow down to a complete stop. Moreover, some breakdowns may make it impossible to even control the car, which can imperil everyone on the road.

Moreover, breakdowns can increase the possibility of car collisions. This is because other vehicles may hit an out-of-control car. Moreover, motorists have a tendency to look at cars that have broken down, which can lead to distracted driving that can increase the likelihood of accidents. Preventative maintenance makes it far less likely that a vehicle will break down, and drivers can accordingly avoid the safety issues associated with a breakdown.

Convenience and Time-Saving

Although it may be inconvenient to take a car in for preventative maintenance, and this may cost a modest sum of money, this is far more preferable than a car breaking down. For instance, if a car breaks down in the middle of a trip, it is unlikely that the driver will be able to get to their destination on time. Moreover, the driver will need to call a tow truck to tow the car to a mechanic, which will cost time and money. In addition, if a car breaks down, the driver will be without a vehicle for however long it takes to repair the car. In order to avoid interruptions, it is important for car owners to bring their vehicles in for preventative maintenance at regular intervals.

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