Steering and Suspension

No one wants a bumpy ride, especially if they’re not driving off-road. Your car’s steering and suspension system keeps your wheels on the road, providing a stable and balanced ride. If you feel like your car bounces more than usual or the tire tread is wearing down more quickly, the professional techs at Kadotani Auto Repair can help.

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Professional Auto Repair in Watsonville

When your car’s steering and suspension system is failing, you’re going to have a bumpy ride. You may notice more hard turning or noises when you drive over speed bumps. Maybe the wheels are wandering or the tires are showing uneven wear. If so, these are signs of a failing steering and suspension system.

We get to the heart of the problem by first giving your vehicle a thorough diagnosis. We check all the major systems in your car to ensure they’re functioning properly. We’ll check everything from the front end to the rear end, including the:

  • Shocks and struts
  • Wheels and axles
  • CV joints and bushings
  • Power steering system
  • Chassis and differential


If your car isn’t steering or handling like it used to, don’t hesitate to bring it into Kadotani Auto Repair. We’re AAA approved and can fix the problem without breaking the bank.

Reliable Steering and Suspension Services

Don’t fight your car’s steering and suspension system. It will only get worse if you don’t let our ASE-certified techs diagnose the problem. Failing to have your steering and suspension system repaired will lead to problems like an unexpected blowout or worse. We’ll diagnose the problem, make the necessary repairs and have you driving smoothly again in no time.

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